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Sure, music licensing is about music but in a larger way, it's about relationships and trust. It's about a team that communicates smoothly with people that hear songs in a different way. They see them, with their eyes closed. Galore works directly with Music Supervisors and outside Licensing Agents to get unique artists felt and heard. 


                                                  Imagine. Leap. Inspire. Lift Up. Encompass.


True artist development is multidimensional. It doesn't begin with cutting a demo and picking out clothes for a photoshoot although, that sounds like a truckload of fun. It starts by creating an atmosphere for artists to experiment and discover the essence of their authenticity. If an artist can approach music honestly at least one time in their career, they will always remember how it felt and be able to get back there from anywhere.

Speak. Write. Create. Perform. Represent.


We love publishing because we love songs. We believe that a song is a melody and a lyric. At that fragile point of creation, it's without genre, category, or borders. It can go in a variety of directions depending on the artist and producer's sonic vision and yet still be completely reimagined by another creative team.  

Cry. Laugh. Proclaim. Exude. Bring to Life.


We manage when we should, and we build upstream management partnerships when we shouldn't. We're working closely with new technologies, fan to artist experiences, branded entertainment, as well as commerce, festivals, and touring. The most primitive and imperative need of an artist is to play his/her music for someone that wants to hear it.  

Work. Trust. Pursue. Give Back. Envision.

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